March 5, 2013

While buying a used car can be a cost effective way to purchase a vehicle, it may come with some inherent risks. According to FOX 26 News, a study has shown that roughly 2.7 million used vehicles were listed for sale last year while still having at least one outstanding and unfixed safety recall.

This number leaves many wondering how this is allowed to happen. Experts say there is no federal law requiring used car dealers or sellers to inform a buyer of an unfixed Car Product Liability issue. This is a major concern considering a recall is not issued unless a problem presents a serious danger to a product’s user; however, dealerships are required to repair recalls for free.

While some dealerships fix recalled vehicles before placing them on the lot, others do not. That is why it is so important for a buyer to check to ensure there are no current recalls available on a vehicle before they purchase. There are several smartphone applications and websites, in which a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be input and a consumer told of all recalls related to that vehicle.

The Austin Personal Injury Lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers are aware of the dangers a faulty car part can present. That is why the firm encourages anyone who has been injured by a malfunction caused by a recalled part on their vehicle to discuss their case with an attorney immediately.