Despite numerous campaigns depicting the risk of Texas car accidents associated with distracted driving, many motorists don’t seem to be grasping the concept of how dangerous the behavior is. A new study from the Texas A&M University Transportation Institute shows a large portion of drivers continue to use cellphones on the road, with many saying they believe they can handle distractions associated with distracted driving.

Senior research analyst, Katie Womack, explains to KBTX News that 75 percent of those surveyed admitted to talking on a cellphone while driving in the past month, while 44 percent admitted to texting and driving.

The behavior was found to be more prominent amongst those with a higher education.

The study also found that roughly 33 percent of those who responded believed they drive well enough to avoid distractions that cellphones can present.

These findings leave many Texans wondering what is being done to prevent distracted driving. Under state law, it is currently only illegal to talk or text on a cell phone while driving in a school zone.

That is why the College Station personal injury lawyers with Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers say it is so important for citizens to take action to prevent distracted driving by putting their phones down while behind the wheel and encouraging others to do the same.