At Daniel Stark, we were raised on Texas values—work hard for what you earn, treat others fair in every situation, and take care of your own. Those values shape who we are as Texans, parents, and community leaders, just as they’ve shaped the principles on which our law firm stands. When insurance companies come into Texas and don’t play by the same rules, they learn pretty quickly that Daniel Stark isn’t just going to stand by while they take advantage of accident victims.

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation within our community for working hard for our clients, getting exceptional results, and treating everyone who comes through our doors like family. We’re proud of that reputation, but we’re equally as proud of our reputation within the insurance community. You see, insurance companies keep tabs on law firms. They know which ones settle cheap and which ones fight. Insurance companies know our first priority is our clients, just as they know that we’ll never compromise their best interests for our own. Instead, we’ll fight until they write a check that fully compensates our client for their injuries.

You may have chosen our firm because of our reputation within our community, but the results we get for you and your family will be due to years spent teaching the insurance companies that we’re one law firm they can’t push around.