May 21, 2013

A new study has concluded that Texas Dog Bite Injuries may be more prevalent than previously believed. Reports indicate that several cities in the state have been listed in the top 20 cities where citizens are most likely to be the victims of canine attacks.

According to an article from KVUE News, the study examined the number of postal workers who had been attacked in each state over the course of the past year. Researchers were able to deduce from the findings that the city of San Antonio tied for second place in the nation for the highest number of bites. During 2012, postal workers in the city reported a total of 42 dog bite incidents. Houston wasn’t far behind, coming in ninth place, while Dallas held the 13th place slot.

These findings leave many citizens wondering what can be done to reduce the number of dog bites that are recorded annually in Texas. The U.S. Postal Service has implemented a policy to protect its workers that states a letter carrier can skip delivery at a home if they feel threatened by an animal. The home’s owner is then responsible for picking up their mail at a local office.

The organization also suggests dog owners enroll their animals in obedience courses and keep the dogs restrained on leashes when a letter carrier arrives.

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