Texas Dog Bites

Hundreds of Texans are attacked by canines each year. In fact, the state leads the nation when it comes to serious and fatal dog bites. There are laws in place to protect dog bite injury victims though, and you should be aware of them.

One Bite Rule

Texas regulations state that a dog owner can be held liable for damages caused by an attack only if the owner was aware of the dog’s viciousness. Once the animal has been deemed dangerous, the owner can be held strictly accountable for a victim’s medical bills, property damage, and pain or suffering.

While this law may seem to do little to deter attacks, other laws are in place to prevent dangerous dogs from roaming free.

Leash Laws

Many counties and municipalities in Texas have adopted policies that require pets to be restrained or confined to private property at all times. If the dog is at home, it must be in a space enclosed by a fence. If the animal is in public, it must be kept on a leash.

Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines or legal action. A report from KRGV 5 News details how a Harlingen, Texas, dog owner is facing large fines after his dog wandered into a neighbor’s yard and attacked another animal.

Protect Yourself

Knowing the law and being aware of what actions to take if you suffer a dog bite can help protect yourself and your family. The Texas personal injury lawyers at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers hope this information is useful in raising your awareness about how your rights are protected under the law in the event of a dog bite.