At Daniel Stark, we don’t compare ourselves to other law firms. You’ll never hear us say we’re better, more experienced, or will get you more money. That type of adversarial advertising just isn’t who we are as a law firm. Instead, we focus on living into our Core Values on a daily basis, for they are the cornerstone for everything we do as a law firm and the key to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Here’s a brief summary of our 4 core values:

Work Hard, Play Hard
Every member of our legal team gives 110% to our clients. We work hard on their behalf so when it comes time to rest and recharge, we can do so knowing that we’ve done everything within our power for our clients and their families.

Do it All, Do it Right, Do it Now
We know how traumatic a serious accident can be. That’s why we address every concern with precision in a timely manner. Our clients expect their claim to be handled right, completely, and as quickly as possible, and that’s what we strive to deliver.

Arms Out, Thumbs Up
Our legal team prides itself on being a positive force for change. We’ve found that by surrounding ourselves with kind, compassionate, and accomplished people, good things happen for our firm and our clients.

Be Remarkable
Our clients deserve remarkable. They deserve exceptional. They deserve Daniel Stark. We never strive for “good enough” or “adequate.” For every case and every client, we set our sights on remarkable, life-changing results. Because of that desire, 40% of our clients are referrals from friends or family. We’re proud of that.

Our core values are more than framed statements on a wall. They are the guiding force for everything we do, and as our client, you can expect nothing less.