The Post is the Oscar nominated film starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, directed by Steven Spielberg, and scored by John Williams. This is an all-star cast with an all-star team behind and they create a compelling and dramatic movie. While the subject matter is interesting, you won’t be on the edge of your seat.

The Daniel Stark team got to enjoy The Post, which is about the Washington Post’s embattled decision to post the “Pentagon Papers” which revolved around studies the government had conducted on whether the Vietnam War would be successful. Meryl Streep is of course, as usual, fantastic, which is essentially par for the course for her at this point in her career. In this movie, she has been nominated for best actress, which makes for her 21st Oscar nomination, the most of any actor in history.

Tom Hanks, and all the supporting cast, play their roles very well, and the movie is very well directed by Steven Spielberg, keeping the audience engaged in the film, and even throwing in audio from Richard Nixon’s phone call conversations regarding the Post, which gives you an idea of the risk the Washington Post was taking at the time.

The team at Daniel Stark enjoyed the film overall, giving scores of at least a 4/5, take a look at the team member’s reviews below!