Law firms are businesses. They have to make money in order to keep the doors open. One way to do that is to turn cases around as quickly as possible. It’s simple math. The more cases you secure and settle in a given year, the higher your profit margins. That equation has made some firms a lot of money. However, we believe there’s a better approach: Giving every case the time and attention it needs.

Over the years, we’ve received settlement offers from the insurance company that on the surface seemed like a good deal. They were significant amounts of money that would have made most law firms very happy. However, we advised our clients not to take them, because we knew that it wasn’t enough money to truly compensate them for their injuries. The worst outcome in our minds is for our clients to not have enough money long-term to pay medical expenses and cover lost wages.

Sure, taking a fast settlement offer would be good for our firm’s bottom line, but that’s not why we’re in business. We’re in business to help the injured people of Austin get the compensation they deserve, no matter how long it takes. That’s why at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we’ll never try to rush your case through the process. We believe every case is important, because behind the case numbers and paperwork are people that need help. Our bottom line starts and ends with their well being.