When you hear the words customer service, you might think of a counter at your local grocery store or a kiosk at your local shopping mall. Perhaps even the call center for your cable service comes to mind. These are great examples of what customer service looks like for a product and consumer services, but what does customer service mean for a law firm?

At Daniel Stark, customer service means keeping our clients up-to-date on the progress of their case, so they never have to guess what’s going on. It means making sure they have access to the best medical treatment available. It means treating our clients and their families with the utmost respect by explaining, in detail, what they should expect during the injury claim process. It means carrying out their wishes, even if it goes against our legal advice. It means following up, long after their case has been settled, to find out if there’s anything else we can do for them.

Decades of practicing law have taught us that the end result isn’t always as important as how we get there. We want every client that walks through our doors to feel like they’ve come to a place where their best legal interests are looked out for, as well as their personal interests. That’s why we know every one of our clients by name. They’re more than a case number, more than a name on a file, more than a verdict or settlement; they are living, breathing people who need our help, and we’re honored to provide them with the level of service they deserve.