As cool weather and the holidays approach, we may find ourselves more in need of electricity for heat and power. It’s important to remember the increased usage of electricity also increases our chances of suffering electrocutions or burn injuries.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate a person was killed every 169 minutes and another was injured every 30 minutes as the result of fire and burn injuries in 2010. While many may be aware of the different types of burns one can suffer, you may not be aware of the harm that can result from burn injuries, including:

  • Tissue Damage– Burns from electricity or flames can char skin and muscle, which can cause bleeding, scarring, and excruciating pain. Tissue damage can in turn lead to secondary health concerns.
  • Infections– Because of the damage that can be done to the skin—the body’s first defense against disease—burn victims are often at serious risk of developing bacterial, fungal, or viral infections.
  • Shock– When victims suffer burns, their bodies can be sent into a dangerous response known as shock, which can be deadly.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we recognize the dangers electrocutions and burn injuries can pose, and we urge you and your family to stay safe around electricity.