Most personal injury lawsuits are settled outside of court, eliminating the need for a trial. However, if the insurance company refuses to play fair, we can take them to court to ensure the best result for our clients. In that instance, it’s important for you to know what to expect.

Here is the 5-step process for most Texas civil personal injury trials:

  1. Jury Selection: The judge and attorneys question potential jurors to identify any biases that make them unfit to hear the case. Both attorneys may dismiss a certain number of jurors for any reason.
  2. Opening Statements: Attorneys for both sides have the opportunity to give an opening statement. Most often this statement summarizes the case each side will present to the court throughout the course of the trial
  3. Witness Testimony and Cross-Examination: This is the main part of the trial. Both sides will call witnesses, present evidence, and cross-examine opposing witnesses to help prove their case.
  4. Closing Arguments: Similar to the opening statement, the closing argument is an opportunity for both sides to sum up the case they have presented during the trial. This is each attorney’s last chance to make an impact on the jury.
  5. Jury Deliberation and Verdict: The judge instructs the jury on their duty and the legal standards that must be upheld in carrying out that duty. The jury then deliberates until a verdict is determined.