As more Texas veterans suffer from debilitating injuries and medical conditions, the need for services for these individuals is increasing. While veterans’ disability benefits is sometimes available to disabled vets, it’s often not enough. This leaves many in need of round-the-clock, long-term care at a reasonable price.

Nursing homes are where many disabled veterans end up, but an emerging group of citizens in Texas are beginning to open their homes and their hearts to disabled veterans.

An article from Foster’s Daily Democrat tells the story of how one woman got involved with the Medical Foster Program sponsored by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. She now has three elderly veterans who live in her home.

The program started 15 years ago and made a name for itself during that time. A total of 43 Texas veterans have been placed into homes, while more than 900 veterans in 44 other states have found homes through the program.

Fostering disabled veterans not only improves care, it cuts costs as well. Care for a veteran in a nursing home can be as much as $450 per day, while the same care in a foster home can be provided for $50 per day.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we understand the hardships many veterans face, and our Texas personal injury lawyers applaud those working to improve the livelihoods of disabled veterans in Texas and throughout the United States.