Did you know that more auto crashes occur each summer than any other season? In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 30% more people die from collisions in the summer compared to winter.  

Here are five causes for the uptick in crashes this time of year.  

Teenage Drivers 

With students on summer vacation, there are more young and inexperienced drivers on the roads. Unfortunately, teenagers are more likely to be involved in summertime collisions than any other age group.  

Construction & Tourism 

Major construction projects are often scheduled during warmer months with longer days. Construction zones can be difficult to navigate and often lead to increased traffic jams and more frustrated motorists.  


Families from all over the nation schedule their biggest vacations during the summertime. From motor vehicles, to bicycles, all the way to pedestrians – the roads are simply more crowded this time of year. Additionally, tourists that are unfamiliar with their surroundings tend to be more distracted drivers.  

Harsh Weather 

Summer heat is generally accompanied by increased rainfall. Wet pavement reduces vehicle traction and maneuverability. It also severely limits visibility for drivers. Each year 75% of weather-related crashes occur on wet pavement during rainfall.  

Vehicle Malfunctions 

Our vehicles are at higher risk for certain malfunctions during summer. In extreme temperatures, the air inside of your tires expands, increasing the chance of a blowout on worn tires. Additionally, engines are more susceptible to overheating, leading to a nightmare of mechanical issues.  

How to stay safe! 

While there is no guaranteed method for avoiding summer collisions, there are a few simple steps you can take to lower your risks.  

  1. Prepare for rain. Be sure that your windshield wipers are fresh and consider products like Rain-X to increase your visibility during rainy conditions.  
  2. Check your tires. Ensure that your tires have adequate tread and air pressure – including your spare. Many tire shops offer free inspections and rotations if you’re in need.  
  3. Top off your fluids. From oil to engine coolant, it’s always a good idea to double check your fluid levels before a summer road trip. A quick checkup could save you from dealing with an overheated engine in the middle of nowhere.  
  4. Know your route. If you’re traveling to a new destination, take a few minutes and get familiar with your route. Look at the major exits and turns that you’ll have to take. The more you can eliminate surprises on the road, the better.  
  5. PAY ATTENTION! The leading cause of motor vehicle crashes is distracted driving. When you’re driving, focus on the road – not your phone, the radio, or other distractions. This remarkably simple tip can save not only your life, but your fellow drivers’ lives as well.  

At Daniel Stark, one of our Core Values is Work Hard, Play Hard. We LOVE seeing our team, clients, and community having a blast during summer! Hopefully these tips can help you not only play harder this summer but play safer as well.  

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