Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gaddot and Chris Pine, directed by Patty Jenkins, is based on the DC Comics hero of the same name. The DC Extended Universe has been trying to compete with Marvel Studios and their Marvel Cinematic Universe since Man of Steel, and while they have done pretty well in box office returns, the movies were critical flops, receiving very negative reviews.

Enter Wonder Woman and the first non-Zack Snyder director in Patty Jenkins and this turns around. Wonder Woman has already been introduced in Batman v. Superman, but this movie takes place during World War I, where Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman) has been living on her home island of Themyscira, an island created by the Greek god Zeus for protecting the female warriors, the Amazons, from “man’s world.” When Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor crashes near the island by accident, it sends Princess Diana on an adventure to man’s world to try and stop the war.

Wonder Woman’s strengths are strong direction and strong writing. All the side characters create a wonderful cast around Gal Gaddot, and it makes the adventure much more enjoyable then previous DCEU entries. The action sequences are mostly strong, although they come a little bit later in the film while the backstory is being established.

Overall, our team enjoyed the movie very much. The scores were mostly 4 or 5 out of 5 and all agree that the movie is worth seeing in the theaters, and makes for a great summer film!