Prescription medications are supposed to safely help you recover from your injuries and to reduce the symptoms of your illness.

But the science of creating pharmaceutical drugs can be inexact, and while certain compounds are capable of treating patients, they’re also capable of causing serious side effects.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires that all drug companies disclose potential side effects that were uncovered during the testing process. However, drug companies sometimes skip certain aspects of the testing process or they intentionally hide the potential health problems their medications can cause to make sure they get approved and released to the marketplace.

When that happens, innocent people like you can suffer severe and potentially life-threatening complications that even your doctor may not have known about.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, our Texas drug injury attorneys know how devastating the effects of dangerous drugs can be for patients and their families. That’s why we help victims like you get compensation for:

  • Medical bills—The consequences of taking a dangerous drug can be severe. Some are linked to conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and even cancer. People who suffer from those complications may require expensive healthcare intervention, including long hospital stays, surgery, and chemotherapy.
  • Lost wages—Drug injuries can cause health problems that are severe enough to cause victims to be unable to work for long periods of time. And when they’re not working, they’re not earning the paychecks their families depend on. Our legal team will make sure the drug company knows how much its medication cost you and your loved ones.

Get the help you deserve—contact an experienced lawyer if you or someone you love is suffering from serious side effects caused by a medication.