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When does a car crash go on your driving record in Texas? 

Dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck is tough enough with all the physical and financial challenges you’re facing. To make matters worse, a car crash can linger on your driving record.  If you’ve been involved in a car crash in Texas, here’s how a collision can affect your record and its long-term implications. What

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What should you do after a crash with an uninsured driver?

Getting in a car wreck is undeniably terrifying, and often results in significant property damage and severe physical harm. In these moments, you want to be sure you can be compensated for your injuries by the other driver’s insurance company — but what happens when the driver who hit you doesn’t have auto insurance?  When

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What are the best questions to ask if you suspect elder abuse?

Did you know that one out of every ten elderly people in the U.S. face some form of abuse?  Elder abuse, whether it’s physical, emotional, or financial, is a widespread issue for seniors across the country. Sadly, millions of these cases never get reported. Seniors often keep quiet about abuse in nursing home settings for a variety of reasons, including

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How can a dash cam save your personal injury case? 

Getting in a car crash is a frightening and overwhelming experience, and things can get even more stressful when you have to prove that you were not at fault. Luckily, one piece of evidence can change everything — dash cam footage. This small device has the power to significantly strengthen your case, providing clear and

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What are the most prevalent water park injuries in Texas?

Water parks are undeniably popular spots for tourists, drawing massive crowds during the summer season. In fact, Texas is home to some of the nation’s largest water parks. However, it’s crucial to address the safety concerns that accompany these thrilling attractions. If safety measures are compromised by water park operators or manufacturers, the outcomes can be catastrophic, leading

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