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Keeping our roads safe, one ride at a time.

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Your Safe Ride Home

Thousands of our clients have been victims of drunk driving, and we’ve seen how devastating it is for our communities. We want to do our part to help.

That’s why we’re offering free Uber rides for special events and holidays.

Simply sign up below to keep our roads safe this weekend.

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Click on the registration button below and fill out the form.

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You will receive an email that includes a unique code that can be used with your Uber app.

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Use the unique code on your Uber app to redeem up to $20 toward your ride.


Fill out the registration form below. You will receive an email with instructions to redeem your $20 Uber credit.

The code is only redeemable within the Uber app, so be sure to download the app ahead of time.

Limit one redemption per person.

The $20 credit will only be usable on specific days of the year.

The $20 credit can only be used in Bryan, College Station, Tyle, Waco, Killeen, Austin, and the surrounding areas.

If your ride exceeds the $20 credit, you will be responsible for the remaining amount.

Receiving an email with a unique code does not guarantee your free ride. You must enter unique code into your Uber app to reserve your $20 credit.

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