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Supporting TX Volunteer Firefighters

Daniel Stark is donating $5,000 to one of three selected Texas Volunteer Fire Departments!

Vote Now to Help a Texas Fire Department Receive the Life-Saving Tools They Desperately Need!

You can only vote once, so spread the word and increase your department's chances of winning!

Most Fire Departments are UnderFunded

That’s why Daniel Stark Law is donating $5,000 to one of three selected Texas fire departments on Friday, November 17th.

From Monday, October 16th to Thursday, November 16th, 2023, vote to determine which volunteer fire department receives this crucial funding for updated rescue equipment.

Cast your vote and make a difference for our heroes on the front lines!

Meet our Volunteer
Fire Departments

Heart of the Pines VFD, Austin

The Heart of the Pines Volunteer Fire Department services approximately 35 square miles in the Austin, Texas area.

Funding will go towards:

  • Purchasing wildland shelters made of aluminized cloth for protection against wildfires.
  • Replacing outdated and damaged personal protective equipment.
  • Acquiring new extrication tools for rescuing victims of severe car crashes.

Kempner VFD, Kempner

The Kempner Volunteer Fire Department operates out of three stations in Kempner, Texas.

Funding will go towards:

  • Upgrading a used fire engine with new equipment and gear.
  • Maintaining and servicing the fire engine.
  • Buying protective gear for volunteer firefighters.

Downsville VFD, Waco

The Downsville Volunteer Fire Department serves the community of Downsville in the Waco, Texas area.

Funding will go towards:

  • Building a new brush truck.
  • Buying essential equipment for the truck, including a bed, water tank, pump, hoses, emergency lights, siren, radios, and more.
  • Updating turnout gear.

Did you know that 70% of Texas fire departments rely on volunteers? However, many departments lack the funding needed to acquire life-saving equipment, hindering their ability to respond to emergencies.

At Daniel Stark, we are dedicated to equipping first responders with the necessary tools for community safety. Inspired by Amanda Ruble’s efforts to fundraise for the Leroy Volunteer Fire Department in Axtell, Texas, we strive to support underfunded fire departments across the state.

Help Your
Local Heroes

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Our goal is not only to award one of these departments with $5,000, but to spread awareness about this issue and help each department reach their fundraising goals.

When someone is trapped in a vehicle, a well-equipped first responder can be the difference between life and death. Ask yourself, if you were trapped in a burning vehicle, what would you do to ensure that your local fire fighters could get you out in 90 seconds?

Because of Amanda, the town of Axtell, Texas, is safer today. With your help, your home town can be safer too.