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Date: September 26, 2023 

Daniel Stark Law Secures $2 Million for Client in Waterpark E. coli Case 

BRYAN, Texas — Daniel Stark Law has announced a major victory in securing a $2 million settlement for a client who fell ill after visiting an out-of-state waterpark in 2021. 

Following a family vacation, the minor plaintiff began experiencing symptoms of illness that were initially mistaken for a stomach bug. However, her concerned family sought medical attention as her condition progressively worsened. It was later discovered that the plaintiff had contracted E. coli from the waterpark, leading to the development of a severe kidney condition. The plaintiff’s recovery required intensive care, including transfusions, dialysis, and respiratory therapy. 

The State Department of Health conducted an investigation of the waterpark, which concluded that the E. coli exposure occurred at a swimming pool during the plaintiff’s visit. Daniel Stark Law enlisted the expertise of an aquatic expert to assess the waterpark facility, revealing deficiencies in safety and cleaning practices. 

Daniel Stark Law filed a lawsuit on behalf of their client, resulting in a settlement of $2 million in insurance coverage. This amount provided support for the plaintiff’s medical recovery. Daniel Stark’s legal services enabled the plaintiff to recover for her injuries and losses, holding the negligent waterpark accountable for its unsafe cleaning practices. 

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Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers is dedicated to supporting individuals in their recovery from injuries caused by negligence. Founded by Danny Daniel and Jonathan Stark, the firm is on a mission to protect clients from getting screwed by big insurance companies. Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers specializes in personal injury cases and proudly serves multiple locations across Texas, including North and South Austin, Bryan, Killeen, Waco, and Tyler. 

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