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Erik Moon

Salesforce Data & Solutions Analyst

100 W. William Joel Bryan Pkwy., Bryan, Texas 77803

(979) 846-8686

(800) 474-1233

(979) 764-8002

I’m Erik Moon, and I’m our Director of New Client Operations. Every year, thousands of people reach out to us about all sorts of legal issues. Those people are my purpose, and I want to make each person’s experience with our team a remarkable one.

When I’m not in the office, I’m usually practicing one of my other passions. I love to cook, and I make dinner for my family almost every day. I almost always have a hiking or camping trip coming up or on my mind. I’m a video game hobbyist, an infrequent guitar player, and am fascinated by the “why” of things.

My own “why” is easy – I often meet people at very challenging times in their life story. Whether my role in a story is big or small, I will work hard to make it better in some way.


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