Wesley Cagle is a passionate member of the Daniel Stark team, pouring her heart into every aspect of our firm. Her deep commitment to continuous improvement and her sense of duty to both her team and our clients mean that Wes is consistently pushing the limits and taking our organization to new heights.

Wes joined Daniel Stark in 2014 as a paralegal working closely with our top litigator, but her natural talents allowed her to quickly rise through the leadership ranks, first as a paralegal team lead, then as the Director of Operations, and ultimately to her current role as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. Wes’ commitment to excellence has helped to strengthen cases, enhance the client experience, and improve organization-wide training. Wes has also spearheaded the implementation of new firm-management and client-relations software, drastically improving client satisfaction, efficiency, and accountability.

When she’s not pushing the firm to greater heights, Wes likes to spend time with her husband and their two kids, engaging in crafts, and maintaining an active lifestyle. She possesses a deep curiosity about the world, embracing adventures that expose her to diverse cultures and experiences. Her unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care, compassion, education, and leadership shines throughout her personal and professional life, solidifying her indispensable presence within the Daniel Stark family.