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Our Top Tips for Safe Driving in Hot Weather

Hot weather hazards in Texas can make driving more risky than ever. With extreme temperatures that linger well into September and October, it’s essential to understand how the scorching heat can affect your car.   From overheating engines to tire blowouts, these hazards can lead to dangerous situations on the road. Here’s how you can protect

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What causes traumatic brain injuries in sports?

Head injuries can happen anywhere, but sports and recreational activities are one of the leading causes of severe brain injuries.  Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur from a blow to the head or a penetrating brain injury, leading to cognitive impairment. Sports-related activities contribute to 10% of the estimated 3.8 million TBIs that occur each year in the United States.

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Common Nursing Home Abuse Injuries

As our loved ones age, many families in the United States turn to nursing homes for around-the-clock care and safety.   However, these facilities can potentially subject elderly individuals to neglect and abuse, with some staff members failing to meet residents’ needs or even intentionally inflicting harm.   In personal injury law, nursing home abuse refers to physical

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How to Keep Good Records After an Injury

Accurate record-keeping is vital when it comes to proving the impact of an injury on your life. Not only does it aid in your recovery, but good records can also play a significant role in any potential legal claims that may arise from a catastrophic incident.   Whether it’s a car collision or another personal injury, proper documentation helps

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The Importance of Properly Installing Your Child’s Car Seat 

Motor vehicle crashes have been the leading cause of death for children for over 20 years, with a child being involved in a crash every 25 seconds.   Many tragedies can be prevented by securing a child in a correctly installed car seat. Proper installation reduces a child’s risk of fatal injury by 71%. However, only 1 in 5 parents regularly

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