There’s been a lot of construction in Austin lately. The end result is going to be great, but in the meantime, construction zones mean more dangerous road conditions. Here are a few tips for safe driving in construction zones:

  1. Watch your speed—There are clearly marked speed limits in all construction zones for a reason. Going any faster than that speed puts your life in danger, as well as the lives of other drivers and construction crews on-site. Slow down for everyone’s sake.
  2. Space it out—Give the person in front of you plenty of space. Construction lanes can be narrow and may shift unexpectedly. The person in front of you may have to stop or slow down quickly, so give them plenty of room.
  3. Watch for your exits—Due to construction projects, many of our interstate/highway exits may be altered or moved. Make sure you get over in plenty of time to identify and take the right exit. Never cross several lanes of traffic just because an exit crept up on you. Go to the next exit and turn around.
  4. Be prepared to stop—Construction vehicles may enter the highway at any time. Be aware of what’s going on ahead so you can stop abruptly if need be.
  5. Be patient—These road projects will make driving in Austin safer and more enjoyable for all of us. Be patient in the meantime. Getting frustrated with the construction or other drivers does nothing but increase risk and raise your blood pressure. Stay calm and arrive safe.