Summer is nearly gone, making way for a beautiful Texas fall. As we transition into a new school year, it’s important that parents remind their children about pedestrian safety, especially if they walk to and from school every day. Here are 5 safety tips to ensure your children make it there safely every day.

  1. Always use crosswalks. Crossing the street can be dangerous for anyone, regardless of age. That’s why your children should never cross the road except at crosswalks, and even then, they should look both ways first.
  2. Be alert. Just because they have the right away doesn’t mean that drivers will adhere to pedestrian laws. Make sure your children never assume the intentions of drivers.
  3. Wear reflective clothing. Your children may fight you on this one, but make sure they wear something that is reflective and avoid dark clothing, especially if they are walking at dawn or dusk.
  4. Travel in groups. There really is safety in numbers. Whenever possible, your children should walk with groups. They can look out for one another to ensure they all arrive safely.
  5. Have a backup plan. Sometimes walking to or from school simply isn’t an option. Make sure your children have someone they can call for a ride in case conditions aren’t favorable for walking.

At Daniel Stark, we’ve seen the devastation a pedestrian accident can have on a family and a community. Protect your children by having a conversation about safety today.