It’s a common practice of book reviewers to give readers not only the positive points of a novel, but the negative ones as well. For some books, that’s impossible. Such is the case for Orna W. Drawas’s Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch. And considering that out of 28 reviews on Amazon, 26 reviewers gave it 5 stars, we don’t think we’re alone.

The premise of Perform Like a Rock Star is that everyone is capable of being a leader that others can count on to get a job done. Hacking into those internal strengths is the key to reaching peak performance, success, and fulfillment. The key is prioritization, organization, and inspiration. Anyone who learns via analogies and more visual concepts will surely appreciate this fascinating read.

For instance, in regards to how one should bring order to their busy workday, Orna suggests filling a pickle jar. When you first fill the jar with the important stuff (the big rocks) and then add in the little rocks, sand, and finally, water, you fit more in than when you try to start with the little stuff (the sand or water). This is the secret to living a balanced life!

Here at Daniel Stark, we believe in this book so much, we give a copy to every new employee and ask them to read it within the first 30 days. We encourage all of our newsletter readers to give Perform Like a Rock Star a try, particularly with all the New Year’s celebrations just behind us. No matter how big or small your goals may be, start 2015 fresh and get the most out of your day. A more productive you is just around the corner!