The size and weight of commercial tractor-trailers can make keeping these vehicles on the road in the event of a crash a difficult task. Barriers have been created along many roads, but they’re not always effective. Our Texas truck accident attorneys at Daniel Stark Injury lawyers explain that’s why a new type of barrier system is currently being tested at Texas A&M University.

According to an article from KBTX News, the new barrier system is designed to keep a fully loaded tractor-trailer on the road when crashing at highway speeds. This can help prevent a truck from going off of a bridge or down an embankment if a crash occurs.

The test was conducted using an 80,000-pound truck traveling at 50 mph. The vehicle struck the barrier system at a 15-degree angle. Now, researchers will examine the wreckage and the barrier structure to gather data about the impact and the barrier’s effectiveness; however, the team was optimistic the findings would be successful and that the new barrier system will soon be put to use on roadways nationwide.

Highway safety is a priority for our team of Texas personal injury attorneys at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers. That’s why we applaud the work being done on the new barrier system and are anxious to learn about the results of the latest test as soon as they are available.