From naps to presents to decoration tours, we all spend our holidays a little differently, but one thing is clear: we all love the time we get to spend with our families this time of year. We hope all of our friends and clients get the same opportunities to spend quality time with their loved ones. Here are some of the Daniel Stark Team’s favorite holiday traditions.

Bobbie Shae Melton—Paralegal
My favorite family tradition is opening one present with my mom, dad, sister (and now brother-in-law) on Christmas Eve!

Chris Allen—Accounting
My favorite Christmas tradition is having a spaghetti carbonara dinner on Christmas Eve with my family and then enjoying the evening with them.

Maria Wiggins—Director of New Business Development
My family has a tradition of having a huge deli plate feast on Christmas Eve after returning from afternoon church. I also love taking my kids to sit on the lap of the Santa at Northpark mall in Dallas. He is the real deal.

Brittany Dolan—Case Manager
Every year since my mother was a little girl, my great grandmother would buy a box of Little Debbie’s Nutty Bars and give everyone a $5 bill for Christmas. When she died, I took over that role. It’s little and simple, but every year, even though everyone knows what it is, everybody is so excited about their gifts, and then we proceed to tell the same stories about Memaw that we do every year.

Brittany Johnson— Case Manager
Putting up the Christmas tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving.

Michael Cullison—New Client Specialist
My favorite tradition is something that I have been doing since I was little. On Christmas Eve when I was growing up, my family would drive around several neighborhoods looking at Christmas light displays. There was one house in particular that we had to drive by every year, that literally looked like Clark Griswold’s house. When I had kids, I really wanted to carry that tradition on, so now we drive our girls around looking at lights. What’s even better is that we’ve discovered a house in College Station that also lights up the night sky. Santa is even there on Christmas Eve to say hello to the kids and pass out candy canes; it is pretty magical!

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season!
-The Daniel Stark Team