At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we know that not everyone feels like they need immediate medical treatment after auto accidents.

The shock of a crash can cause victims to experience surges in adrenaline that can last for hours or even days, making it difficult or even impossible for them to feel how badly they’ve been hurt. They may even attempt to go back to work, only to be sidelined for weeks, months, or even years due to debilitating pain and disability.

Because injuries aren’t always obvious, our Texas car accident lawyers always recommend that victims get prompt and immediate medical treatment for several reasons, including:

  • A faster and more effective path to recovery – Early diagnosis and treatment is key for all health problems, including car accident-related injuries. The sooner you get treated by a doctor, the less likely you’ll experience complications that could turn into prolonged disabilities.
  • A stronger claim when you decide to pursue compensation – Insurance companies always demand proof when victims and their legal teams pursue compensation for injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. Having medical records linking your injuries to your accident is among the strongest proof we can use when we negotiate on your behalf.

After you’ve received medical attention, you should report the crash to your insurance provider, as almost all require notification within a matter of days after accidents.

Next, you should get in touch with an experienced team that knows how to protect your rights. If you’re considering talking to a lawyer after a car accident, a free consultation can help you get started.