You ever have those dreams where you’re at work, the mall, or somewhere else familiar when you realize you forgot to wear pants? It’s a pretty common dream that is usually a result of your subconscious expressing feelings of anxiety around being unprepared for something. We imagine that’s the same kind of feeling accident victims who choose to go it alone after an accident feel when dealing with the insurance company. Unprepared and vulnerable.

There’s good reason why they do. Trying to settle your own injury claim for the proper amount of money is difficult. It takes years of experience to understand what an injury claim is worth, let alone negotiate with a billion-dollar insurance company for that amount—a reality many accident victims find out too late.

Insurance companies are like most businesses. They are programmed to look out for their own best interests. In the case of your injury claim, their best interests lie in paying you as little as possible for your injuries, not necessarily what your claim is worth. Convincing them otherwise is kind of like trying to explain why you’re not wearing pants in the Food Court to Mall Security. It’s not an easy sale.

That’s why you should consider seeking legal counsel when dealing with any type of injury claim. At Daniel Stark, we offer free consultations so you can get the answers you need without spending one dime of your own money. And if we take your case, you’ll get our No Fee Guarantee®, which states that we work for free unless we win your case.