There’s just something about summertime and Texas barbecue. As much as I love being an attorney, I also love reviewing (read:eating) some of the best barbecue that the Lone Star State has to offer. In my spare time, I head a blog that’s solely dedicated to Texas barbecue, and so far, I’ve reviewed a total of fourteen establishments. I, and a couple other Daniel Stark colleagues, take the tasting process very seriously. We have a set list of criteria that we use to evaluate the barbecue, so every plate goes through the same process. Three cuts of meat are evaluated: moist brisket, pork ribs, and the house sausage.

At Daniel Stark, we truly believe in our core values of work hard, play hard. Members of the team have gone to lunch together several times, talking about cases in between bites of brisket. The best part about the blog is not just getting to try great good, but finding truly unique gems. Some of the best barbecue that I’ve had had been from La Barbecue in Austin. While I generally avoid sauces because I find they take away from the flavor of the meat, Le Barbecue had one that was reminiscent of a mango habanero sauce, and it was absolutely delicious.


Lew’s BBQ – a food truck in Bryan – also serves great barbecue and typical sides (potato salad and baked beans), but the smoked pineapple is what’s truly amazing. Discovering little elements that set a business apart from its competitors is a real treat, and being able to share these finds with my friends and colleagues brings us closer as a team.

I can appreciate the dedication that comes from barbecuing – the sheer amount of time that meat needs smoke and requires constant surveillance is impressive. Just like a pit master understands the necessary obligations to smoke great meat, I dedicate as much time as possible to bringing forth the best results for my clients.

– Jerrell Wise

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