Our clients’ stories have the power to transform tragedy into something beautiful. We are deeply moved by how these stories, often born from heartbreak, blossom into lifelong friendships.  

One of these stories is Pamela’s, a mother who lost her son in a motorcycle crash. The aftermath of the crash left Pamela struggling to cope with the weight of her grief. “Words can’t describe the pain of losing a child,” said Pamela.  

Seeking legal help, Pamela reached out to Daniel Stark and was paired with attorney Tadarious Hawkins. From the moment they met, Pamela and Tadarious formed an instant and strong bond.  

As Tadarious guided Pamela through the legal process, Pamela discovered that Tadarious and her son shared the same birthday.  

This sparked a special tradition: every year, Pamela bakes Tadarious a strawberry cake, a favorite for both Tadarious and her son.  

Pamela fondly recalled baking Tadarious his birthday cake, filling the Daniel Stark office with a sweet aroma. Another Daniel Stark employee remarked, “She made it from scratch! I could smell the butter!” Pamela said it’s a memory she’ll always treasure.  

Pamela and Tadarious share a bond that goes far beyond an attorney-client relationship. Tadarious played a pivotal role in supporting Pamela’s mental health after her loss. He encouraged and supported her through the difficult stages of grief, always there to answer her calls.   

Tadarious wasn’t only Pamela’s legal advocate. He was her friend.  

Pamela expressed gratitude to the entire Daniel Stark team. “You gave me a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear,” she said. “There’s no amount of money that could repay you for the work you’ve done for me. I’m grateful to have people like you in my life.”  

For Pamela, hiring Daniel Stark was about more than the legal outcome of her case. It was about the way Daniel Stark made her feel — like family. “You all made me feel like we’ve known each other forever. You took me right in,” said Pamela.  

At Daniel Stark, we offer more than legal representation. We strive to provide emotional support and help clients navigate the life-altering challenges that come with immense loss.  

Clients like Pamela motivate us to fight for vulnerable people every day. Protecting our clients from insurance bullies is our main mission. Forging lifelong friendships with them is the icing on the cake.  

Pamela’s strength continues to inspire us and we are honored to have handled her case. Stay tuned for more of our clients’ unique stories! 

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