Meet Michael Bristow, a litigation attorney at Daniel Stark. 

Michael specializes in high-value lawsuits, particularly those involving car wrecks. He frequently handles cases related to commercial vehicles and helps clients recover from spine and brain injuries. 

Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Michael had a childhood filled with sports and outdoor activities. From playing little league to visiting Lake Waco, he always loved being outside. In fact, if Michael hadn’t become a lawyer, he likely would have pursued a career in the hunting industry. Michael’s fondest memories are of spending time with his family on their ranch near Gatesville. 

Although both of his parents had multiple degrees from Baylor University in Waco, Michael pursued finance at Texas A&M University, where he graduated in 2009. Returning to his roots, Michael attended Baylor Law School in Waco. His legal education from Baylor included a rigorous practice court program during which Michael’s professors recognized his potential as a litigator. 

After completing law school, Michael began his legal career at a small law firm in Longview, Texas. During that time, he handled personal injury cases across multiple states, including Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and New Mexico. 

In these early years of practice, Michael was exposed to the suffering caused by inadequate care in nursing homes. Witnessing the neglect elderly people frequently faced made Michael painfully aware of the challenges faced by vulnerable individuals. Right away, Michael deeply empathized with his clients, immersing himself in their stories and struggles. He quickly recognized the importance of understanding his clients’ experiences to advocate effectively for them. 

Michael joined our team ten years ago. “Daniel Stark is like family to me. I’m grateful for the firm’s trust in me and the resources they provide,” said Michael. “Daniel Stark has provided me the opportunity to learn and grow with other accomplished attorneys that helped me build my legal career.” 

One thing Michael loves about working at Daniel Stark is helping clients recover the full value of their injuries and losses. While insurance companies work to avoid paying for the negligent acts of their insureds, Michael inspires our clients to stand strong, reminding them that Daniel Stark believes in their case. He refuses to accept less than the amount each client really deserves. “Our team’s aggression and efforts are directed at these insurance bullies who exploit the system,” says Michael. 

Michael is a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College, a non-profit group that teaches attorneys how to effectively present their cases and have genuine empathy for everyone involved in the legal process. The work Michael has done through TLC has enriched both his practice and his daily life. 

While Michael loves serving clients, he prioritizes time with his family above all else. Fishing, hunting, camping, and adventuring are his favorite ways to spend time with his two kids, Lincoln and Lenabell, and his wife, Cambry. 

Daniel Stark’s core value of “Work Hard, Play Hard” has always resonated with Michael. Being a trial lawyer is exciting and fulfilling, but Michael’s time with his loved ones is priceless. That idea was concretized in November of 2022 when Michael experienced his own profound loss. Michael’s daughter, Annie June, was born prematurely at 24 weeks. After a miraculous and inspiring nine-day battle, Annie passed away in the NICU. Since losing Annie, Michael and his family have renewed their fierce commitment to prioritizing time together ahead of all else. Annie’s story left a permanent mark on Michael and indelibly deepened his passion for serving the most vulnerable. 

Michael’s extensive experience in courtroom communication and empathy allows him to effectively represent our clients and help them recover from severe injuries. He offers a unique perspective that adds immense value to our firm and the services we provide. We are honored to have Michael Bristow as part of our team.