Some medical devices provide significant relief to patients who suffer from chronic illnesses or health conditions. But like all consumer products, medical devices can be produced with design flaws, low-quality components and materials, and even dangerous manufacturing processes.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we know that dangerous consumer products aren’t just limited to items you buy at the store—they’re also products that are used to make you feel better. Some of those products may even be implanted into the bodies of patients like you.

A Texas defective product attorney can help victims who were injured by a variety of medical devices, including:

  • Metal-on-metal hip replacements – Hundreds of thousands of Americans receive hip replacements every year. Most of those procedures improve patients’ quality of life and reduce their pain, but patients who receive metal-on-metal hip replacements are at risk of suffering painful complications that often require corrective surgeries.
  • Pacemakers – Pacemakers are implantable defibrillators that are designed to help patients’ hearts beat at a normal rhythm. For pacemakers to be effective and life-saving, they must be reliable. Unfortunately, some pacemakers are prone to battery failure—making them obsolete—which puts recipients’ health and lives at risk.

Too often, victims of medical devices feel helpless when they suffer injuries or require corrective surgeries. Our legal team believes that no one should have to experience the pain and suffering that comes with receiving a defective medical device, and we aren’t afraid to stand up to big corporations to help our clients.

We’re here to help defective medical device victims throughout Texas, and our consultations are always free.