The extrication of oil and gas is a lynchpin to the economy here in Texas, accounting for tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the state annually; however, the areas where fossil fuels are being drilled can be extremely dangerous.

The leathernecks who are employed by oil companies must constantly keep the risks of oil field injuries in mind. These injuries are most often caused by transportation accidents, contact with equipment or tools, and oil field explosions.

The latter is especially concerning because injuries aren’t the only problems a blast at a drilling site can cause. Contamination of the air, ground, and water in the area is also a huge concern when an oil field explosion occurs. This contamination can not only affect workers, but residents living in the area as well.

Take the case of the oil well explosion that occurred in Karnes County, Texas, several weeks ago as an example of how contamination after a blast can affect numerous lives. Three families remain displaced three weeks after the blast occurred.

According to an article from Inside Climate News, the families were required to leave their property with only the clothes they were wearing and have not been allowed to return—even to retrieve important documents like birth certificates.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we know how difficult it can be to recover after becoming the victim of an oil field accident. Our Texas personal injury lawyers send their sympathies to the families displaced by this latest accident.