One of the most commonly reported injuries in soldiers returning from service overseas is the traumatic brain injury (TBI). As many as one-third of veterans suffer a TBI in the line of duty and many of these individuals are struggling to get access to the benefits and resources they need to recover.

One of the many side effects of a TBI can be mental health conditions and disorders. Many soldiers suffering TBI-related symptoms like these must wait months to gain access to the care they need, which prompted Texas to adopt new rules allowing certain veterans to utilize private healthcare facilities; however data from the Veterans Health Administration shows only one Texas veteran per day has been approved to participate in the program.

In order to help veterans gain access to benefits they deserve and explore other options and resources that may be available to provide assistance, Texas A&M University will be hosting a symposium for military service members and veterans on the school’s Central Texas campus. An article from The Killeen Daily Herald provides details as to when and where the event will take place, as well as what the topics of discussion will be.

At Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers, we understand the struggles that veterans suffering from a brain injury face as they return to civilian life, which is why our veterans disability benefits lawyers think current and former members of the armed services who live in the Texas Hill Country could benefit from attending this upcoming event.