You’ve probably heard the saying, “Some words you can’t take back.” It’s the same with actions. Some actions you just can’t take back. We can’t think of a single worse action than taking someone else’s life. Whether intentionally or by accident, causing someone else’s death is a tragic event one can never take back. In a wrongful death case, the goal is not to get revenge for that offense. Sure, anger may obviously be a factor in a grieving family’s decision to bring a lawsuit, but in our experience, worry about the future trumps even the anger they feel.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, the companionship of that loved one isn’t the only thing that was taken from you. Your family has also lost their financial potential. All of their contributions have been lost, leaving you with every responsibility you once shared.

Once the gravity of that reality sinks in, it’s natural to be overwhelmed with questions, such as “How will we survive on only one income?” or “What will we do when the life insurance money runs out?” The Texas wrongful death attorneys at Daniel Stark help the surviving families of wrongful death victims work through those questions every day.

In our opinion, getting legal advice after a loved one’s death is vital to your family’s future. The financial impact of this tragedy goes far beyond funeral expenses. It may extend to years down the road, leaving your family in a vulnerable position. That’s why we recommend you consult with an attorney before making any decisions with the insurance company. Your family’s future is too important to go through this alone.