All auto accidents can be complex, but car accidents that involve two vehicles are often fairly cut-and-dry in terms of who’s responsible for the crash, especially when evidence clearly points towards one driver.

However, truck accidents can be even more complex, and that’s because multiple people and parties may be tied to a single semi truck or tractor trailer. In fact, there are three parties that often play roles in truck crashes, including:

  • Truck drivers – Many truck accidents can be traced back to driver error or negligence, including behaviors like speeding, following too closely, driving while impaired, driving while distracted, or failing to abide by rest and time off requirements.
  • Truck companies – Companies that use big trucks to transport their goods can create dangerous situations for their drivers and other motorists when they allow trucks to be overloaded or loaded unevenly, making them more difficult to safely drive.
  • Truck owners – Sometimes, trucks are owned by third parties. Those people or companies are responsible for making sure their vehicles are well-maintained and frequently serviced, as trucks that fall into disrepair can fail on the road, increasing the risk of accidents.

Determining who was responsible for a truck accident often requires experience and resources, and the Texas truck accident attorneys at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers have both.

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