At Daniel Stark, we are committed to protecting injured members of our community and getting our clients’ lives back to normal. Without a consistent legal strategy, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the outcomes our clients need. 

We’ve developed a “Proven Process,” our client-centered approach that aims to improve the overall client experience and inform clients about each stage of the legal process. 

Here’s what our Proven Process entails, and how it helps clients get full value for their injuries. 

What is our Proven Process?

Daniel Stark’s Proven Process is designed to produce predictable results for each case, and serves as a way to clearly communicate expectations to both the client and the Daniel Stark team throughout the legal process. It exists as a guide for clients to refer to whenever they are confused about their case status. In other words, our process is an educational tool and a means of communication. 

Once we choose to represent a client, we follow each phase of our Proven Process for every single client. The Proven Process stages include: 

Stage 1: Evidence collection 

The crucial first stage is fact gathering and securing time-sensitive evidence to make legal decisions. As our clients receive care to aid in their recovery, it is essential to determine our clients’ future medical needs and how their injury will affect their quality of life. Within 21 days, a Daniel Stark attorney will have the necessary evidence to meet with the client and develop an action plan. 

Stage 2: Pre-Negotiation Evaluation 

In the second stage, the client’s case will undergo a rigorous attorney team review. Then, a demand will be sent to all applicable insurance companies. Experts, such as medical professionals, life care planners, economists, or engineers are hired when necessary. These experts further build the client’s case and help the Daniel Stark team formulate the client’s unique story. 

Stage 3: Case Resolution 

The case resolution stage can include pre-suit negotiation, filing a lawsuit, mediation, or trial. We are never looking for a quick settlement. We only settle for full value and are committed to taking our clients’ cases all the way to trial to ensure they aren’t screwed by big insurance companies. 

How do we communicate with our clients?

The majority of our clients have never been involved in a legal dispute before. Consequently, they often feel uneasy and don’t know what to expect. We ensure our clients have a positive experience with Daniel Stark by establishing constant communication with them. Our New Client Team informs clients about our process as soon as we take on their case. 

Clients can view what stage their case is in with our newly released client portal. Additionally, clients receive videos, phone calls, and text messages regarding case updates. These consistent messages are meant to keep the client and the legal team on the same page and working toward reaching a favorable resolution. 

Daniel Stark team members communicate with our clients at least once every 15 days during our Proven Process. It is essential to note that our communication focuses on education. We want clients to not only understand where they are in their case, but why and how. 

Consistency is key — it allows us to build client trust. The client will have a better experience if you consistently speak with them, explain legal concepts and stages, and listen to and empathize with their concerns. 

By following this strategy, Daniel Stark is able to achieve the client’s ultimate objective for their case. While money is the only form of justice available, our clients’ primary concern is finding closure and getting their life back to normal after a traumatic event. Thus, our legal team aims to help our clients be seen and heard. 

What happens if you don’t communicate with your clients?

When someone hires a personal injury attorney, it’s often during the most challenging time in their life. They could be in severe physical pain and dealing with emotional distress, which is why receiving reassurance from their legal team is important. 

For people who have been injured through no fault of their own, an injury could be affecting their ability to work and spend time with their loved ones. Their quality of life may be significantly decreased by their constant pain. Therefore, clients want to know what’s happening in their case and are eager for the legal process to be over. Clients do not want to keep reliving their car wreck or injury, and this uneasiness and confusion can manifest as frustration, grief, anxiety, or even depression.  

With constant communication, we support our clients in navigating the emotional ups and downs of their case, fostering trust to approach each legal phase with confidence.

How does frequent communication help us tell our clients’ unique stories?

With Daniel Stark’s Proven Process, we establish our clients’ unique stories and the full value of their case every step of the way. By communicating with clients at specific intervals and through a variety of methods, we learn details about how a client’s circumstances are impacting them. 

Through frequent communication over time, we can build rapport and trust with clients. We can establish a relationship with clients and offer them stability and emotional support. 

Every client is different, and it is important to give clients time to disclose information to us at their own pace. During each step of our process, someone on our team is gathering our client’s story so we can understand the entirety of their circumstances. 

Why should other law firms adopt a proven process?

To build healthy relationships with your clients, we encourage you to implement a client-centered approach and develop consistent communication strategies. Although you will not be able to control how your clients are feeling, you can patiently educate, empathize with, and listen to them. If a client doesn’t understand you and feels lost and frustrated, make sure you speak in non-lawyer language and communicate clearly with them. 

At Daniel Stark, we involve our clients in our process stages so we can face this challenging time in their life together. Our Proven Process keeps our clients and the Daniel Stark team united in one purpose: to keep clients from getting screwed by big insurance.