For many auto accident victims, the pain and trauma of their crashes are secondary to a more pressing need: keeping their heads above water financially. Victims often suffer injuries that make it impossible for them to go back to work for long periods of time, and that means they may be unable to pay for their medical bills or even their families’ day-to-day living expenses.

Insurance companies are well aware of how financially devastating car accidents can be, and they also know that victims who were hurt by negligent drivers may be eligible to receive large settlements. Of course, those same insurance companies aren’t in business to pay maximum compensation to victims, so instead, they use two tactics to either deny or reduce payments altogether:

  • Using victims words against them—Insurance adjusters may seem to be friendly and helpful, but their real job is saving their employers as much money as possible. That often means twisting words and using them out of context to make it seem like victims admitted fault for their crashes.
  • Getting victims to accept lowball settlements—Another common tactic is using the initial money crunch that victims go through to get out of paying a full settlement. Victims who accept settlements that are offered in the days or weeks after their crashes may jeopardize their chances of getting full compensation.

The Texas car accident attorneys at Daniel Stark Injury Lawyers know the ins-and-outs of how insurance companies work, and we always stay one step ahead. Don’t go it alone after your accident—get a legal advocate you can trust. Consider talking to an attorney before you take the insurance company’s settlement.